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Official organ of the Italian Society of Victimology (S.I.V.)

World Society of Victimology Affiliated Journal

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Evaluation of proposed articles (peer review process)

The scientific quality of the journal articles is guaranteed by the peer review process.

All manuscripts submitted to The Criminology, Victimology and Security Journal are peer-reviewed according to the following procedure:

Initial review: A member of the Editorial Team evaluates each manuscript (see the editorial guide lines). Manuscripts that do not meet minimum criteria are returned to the authors.

Peer review: Manuscripts that pass the initial review are assigned to expert reviewers in that particular field. Each manuscript is reviewed by two reviewers under a double-blind peer review process, where both the reviewers and the authors are kept anonymous. The reviewers have to return this completed evaluation form (referee form). The Journal uses peer-review criteria suggested by the Coordinamento delle Riviste Italiane di Sociologia (CRIS - Coordination of Italian Sociology Journals).
To facilitate timely publication, reviewers are asked to complete their reviews within eight weeks of receipt.
The list of referees who have co-operated with the Journal will be made available on this web page and it will be periodically updated. It is both a form of expressing gratitude for the collaboration and a transparency mechanism with regard to the procedure adopted for the evaluation of submitted articles.

Recommendation: Based on the reviewers’ comments, the Managing Editor of the Editorial Team makes a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript and communicates the decision to the authors(s).

The Review accepts also editorials, and book review. Their evaluation will be made directly by the Editor-in-Chief.

List of referees (years 2016-2018)


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